Sydney Contemporary 2023

Artists of Borroloola.
Artist: Ginger Riley Munduwalawala (c.1936 – 2002) Limmen Bight Country 1992.
© courtesy of The Estate of Ginger Riley and Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne.

Australian Indigenous Sculpture.
Lipundja (c.1912 – 1968) Mokuy Figures c.1963-65.
© courtesy of Lipundja / Copyright Agency, 2022.

Alair Pambegan
Walkalan-aw – Bonefish Story Place 2022, installed in situ on the artist’s ceremonial ground.
© courtesy of Alair Pambegan and Wik and Kugu Arts Centre.

Australian Indigenous paintings.
Artist:Uta Uta Tjangala.
© Estate of the artist licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency Ltd.

 Roger Swainston Whitewhiskered Rock Lobster, Marquesas 2021
© courtesy of Roger Swainston